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10 Guitar Player Gift Ideas

With the holidays approaching, you may find yourself searching for the perfect gift for a friend, family member or significant other. If they happen to play the guitar then your search just got a whole lot easier because there are plenty of affordable guitar related products that make fantastic gifts.

As a guitarist, the following list of 10 guitar player gift ideas comes from personal experience. They are all products that I have either received, or would like to receive. I’ve also made personal product recommendations for each item on the list, so even if you are not familiar with guitar accessories, you can buy one with confidence knowing it is of high quality.

1. Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are almost as important as the guitar itself, and it is important to change strings often to maintain your guitar’s tone. This on-going process though requires buying quite a few packs of strings throughout the year, which guitar strings such a great gift idea.

I have the mindset that you can never have enough packs of backup strings. I’ll often take 3-4 sets with me when I play a show in case strings break during my performance.

Sites like Musicians Friend offer great deals on buying strings in bulk that save you money in the long run and are definitely worth checking out.

For acoustic guitars, I recommend the Martin SP Acoustic medium gauge strings. These strings are bright sounding, and do not break very often.

For electric guitars, I recommend Ernie Balls which are great strings that have been played by the pros for decades.

It’s important to mention that string gauge is usually a player preference, but you can’t go wrong with buying “medium” gauge strings in my opinion. In my experience, they’ve offered the best sound and playability.

2. String Cutter/Winder

This is probably one of my favorite guitar accessories, and it doesn’t even have anything to do with my guitar’s sound or playability.  It is a tool that makes re-stringing your guitar a breeze.

Guitar String Winder/Cutter

It has a winding feature, cutting tool and a slot that can easily remove bridge pins on an acoustic guitar. These are all aspects of the string changing process that can prove to be quite difficult at times, especially when you are in a hurry.

With this tool, I never have to go looking for wire cutters, pliers, etc. Everything I need is right at my finger tips.

My recommended product is Planet Waves Pro-Winder String Winder/Cutter. It is the same one I use, and could not imagine being without it.

3. Guitar Picks

Dunlop Tortex guitar pick

I find myself always losing picks, and struggling to find one no matter how many I buy at a time. This is why I’m sure any guitarist would appreciate getting a pack or two so they’ll always have one nearby.

Like strings, picks have different gauges as well that are based on their thickness. The common types of guitar picks are light, medium and heavy.

The gauge of a pick is commonly a player’s own personal preference, but if I was to make a recommendation I would  consider the following:

For acoustic guitar playing, I like using light gauge picks. I think it provides a softer sound and lets the guitar sing more. It also helps to prevent string breaks.

For electric guitar playing, I’ll use medium gauge picks, because they add a more bite and control to my playing.

My favorite brand of picks are Dunlop Tortex Standard picks. They have a texture that feels great in your hands and helps to keep them from slipping out while playing.

4. Guitar Stand/Holder

guitar stand

It is important to help protect your guitar when you are not playing it, and a guitar stand is the perfect solution to this problem. They hold and support a guitar, helping to prevent any possible accidents.

There are two types of guitar stands to consider, wall mounted and floor stands.

I’ve personally only ever used floor stands, but if I had a proper wall to hang my guitar from, I would definitely use a wall holder.

5. Guitar Polish Kit

guitar polish

All guitar players love keeping their guitars looking good and protected, which is what makes a guitar polishing kit such a great gift idea.

These kits contain waxes and cleaners specifically designed for guitar finishes. They also normally include a cloth to use for waxing and a string cleaner solution.

A polish/cleaning kit is a must have for any guitarist, and I recommend buying a Dunlop brand kit for best results.

6. Capo

guitar capo

A capo is a cool guitar accessory that is used to change the key of the guitar by simply “clamping” it onto the strings at any point on the fret board.

Applying a capo can really change the mood and feel of a song or chord which is why musicians have used them for so many years.

I recommend the G7th 405 Performance Guitar Capo (Pictured Above) which is available at Musicians Friend. Any guitar player would be lucky to have a capo like this.

7. Guitar Stool

Guitar Stool

A guitar stool is a great gift idea because most chairs simply aren’t designed with the guitar player in mind. A guitar stool offers a comfortable, sturdy place to sit and practice the guitar.

There are several different styles of chairs that can be purchased, but I prefer the simple steel legs and black seat design. You can even get customized guitar stools, which can make the gift that much more special.

8. Tabulature/Music Book of Favorite Group

tab 300x115 10 Guitar Player Gift Ideas

I received a gift like this last year, and it is still something I use at least once a week. The book I received was a complete Beatles’s collection of song tabs and sheet music. I love it because I can literally sit down and figure out any Beatles’s song I can think of.

There are music books for almost all popular musicians and groups starting from the ’60s to the current day.

I recommend looking for a book with a hard cover, because it will stand the test of time better and become something treasured for many years.

9. Pedal Board

pedals2 300x163 10 Guitar Player Gift Ideas

If the guitarist you know plays with a variety of effect pedals, then a pedal board will make a great addition to his/her setup. It will keep all of the pedals organized and powered, making it easy to set them up and transport them.

I recommend looking at our Joyo pedals review for high quality products at affordable prices.

10. Multi-Track Recorder

Now for what I refer to as the “dream” gift. For around $200-400 dollars you can get a great multi-track recording station (I recommend Fostex brand). These units will do everything from recording multiple tracks of audio at once to mixing down the audio and burning the final CDs.

These recorders allow for the guitarist in your life to record himself, as well as other instruments and vocal tracks, ultimately making complete, great sounding songs.

I’ve always loved recording my own music, it can really make you feel like you’re living the “rock ‘n roll dream” even though you are just in your bedroom.